Online Resources for History & Philosophy of Ψ

Check out the Advances in the History of Psychology blog for the latest news about HoP publications and happenings.
To keep up more easily, they also have a Twitter.

The Cummings Center for the History of Psychology has an excellent website devoted to their archives and museum.

Christopher Green has made available a collection of Classics in the History of Psychology. He also has available a series of videos on the history of psychology and an archived podcast series.

Alexandre Klein maintains a blog with news and other updates on the history of health and medicine, Historiens de la santé: réseau de recherche.

Alexandra Rutherford and team has an ongoing project on the history of feminist psychology, Psychology’s Feminist Voices.

→ Check out PFV’s recent video series on Gender Based Analysis.

The University of Minnesota has recordings of Paul E. Meehl’s Philosophical Psychology Seminar (1989), along with other info about his life and work.


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